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Java Functional Interface

1. What is Functional Interface An interface with only one abstract method is called Functional Interface. Pre Java 8, there was no concept of Functional Interface. However, interfaces like Comparator and Runnable have only one abstract method. Hence they fell into the Functional Interface category in Java 8 unintentionally. 2. Example 2.1 getSellingPrice method snippet …

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Apache Spark Basics FAQ

Big Data has come a long way. Apache spark is one of the fastest big data computational engines. We will answer often asked questions about the basics of Apache Spark in this article. What problems Apache Spark solves and how does it solve them? Big data computation problem When the size of data is large in terabytes, …

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Jersey (JAX-RS) JSON HTTP entity payload processing example

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the most used structured data interchange format of the current generation. It is very common for REST clients to use it for data exchange. Several web client frameworks (e.g. AngularJS) natively handle JSON requests and responses. Jersey (JAX-RS) JSON support is very effective and easy to use. Usually, clients send and receive JSON …

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